Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Stained or yellow teeth are a clear sign of poorly maintained oral hygiene. Besides that, they also make an individual more vulnerable to develop several periodontal diseases. Awful effects of stained teeth don’t end here. Having stained teeth also contain serious social repercussions. People suffering from stained teeth also experience a dip in their confidence level, especially during public interaction. Others also don’t take a good impression from the individuals with yellow teeth.  

According to the statistics, around 30 million US citizens have used different teeth whitening products in 2017. This number is a clear manifestation of the fact that stained or yellow teeth are not a trivial issue in the country. But we all know that over-the-counter teeth whitening products are not that much effective in reinstating the natural white of teeth. Even the ones that do the trick have a very short term results.

Therefore, the need of getting professional teeth whitening procedures is of great significance. The experience of a qualified dentist can provide you with the best professional services of teeth cleaning and white procedures.

In this article, we will keep our focus on in-office laser teeth whitening procedure that is used to get back the natural teeth gloss.

Step-by-step Breakdown of the Treatment  

Professional laser teeth whitening are becoming popular for their quick and long-lasting results. An experienced dentist is only able to perform such teeth whitening procedures because they are more invasive than the conventional bleaching treatment. Let’s see what entails a professional laser whitening treatment procedure.


  • Screening


Before commencing the treatment, dentists screen the patients whether they are fit for the laser treatment. If your gums are not healthy and can get serious side effects from the exposure of laser then your dentist might recommend you some alternate teeth whitening treatment. It is also advised for kids and pregnant women to not take up the laser teeth whitening.


  • Pre-treatment Routine


If you pass the initial screening then you will be treated for minor dental issues. The dentist will start off with in-office teeth cleaning procedure. A good dentist also makes it certain that there must be no tooth cavity before the commencement of the treatment.  

It is imperative to treat and fill every tooth cavity because the whitening gel used in the treatment can’t be spread evenly and can penetrate into the interior of the teeth. Interior of a tooth contain pulp which is the combination of blood vessels, tissues and several nerves. Exposure of bleaching chemicals to these sensitive oral features can prove to be detrimental.

Exposure of laser can cause momentary sensitivity in patients. In some instances, it also leads to gum inflammation. Therefore prior to the first laser session, some dentists prescribe their patients with anti-inflammatory drugs and desensitizing toothpaste. This measure is taken to maintain the comfort of patients throughout the course of the treatment.


  • Whitening Procedure


Once you are done with all the prerequisites, the dentist will start off the whitening procedure by covering your gums from dams to protect them from the bleaching solution. Fluoride is also applied on teeth before the application of whitening gel.

After evenly applying the gel all through the enamel, a laser beam will be subjected to the teeth to activate the bleaching compound. The photons emitting from the laser beam will exponentially increase the efficacy of the whitening gel. The repetition of this procedure depends on the extent of stains and discoloration.

Once done with this step, a small vacuum is used to wipe off the solution from your mouth. Rinsing off with tap water is followed by the removal of protective dams at the end of the treatment.


  • Post-treatment Care


Majority of the patients report increased teeth sensitivity after the treatment, while others don’t feel anything. Usually a follow-up check up is scheduled to assess the results of the treatment and to address any side effects.  

It should be kept in mind that laser or any other teeth whitening procedures are not eternal with their effectiveness. In some patients, the results of professional teeth whitening start to wear off in few months. Therefore, the key to have natural white teeth is to maintain a healthy diet, having a daily teeth cleaning routine (brushing and flossing). Regular visits to an experienced dentist also help in keeping in check your overall dental and oral health.   




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