About Robert Garlick

Dr. Garelick Dentist Linderhurst In 1980, Dr. Garelick graduated from the New York University with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree. After graduating, he went on to do his residency at Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center in 1981. After he completed his residency, he joined his father’s dental practice and eventually took over once his father retired.

Dr. Garelick actively pursues continuing his education in all branches of dentistry, and strives to build strong relationships with his patients. Having worked in Lindenhurst for so long, he has built a reputation within the community for excellence in the world of dentistry.

Dr. Garelick believes that the more informative a patient has, the easier it is to diagnose problems and the smoother the transition to prevention and remedy, not to mention the added benefit that comes for the patient who is knowledgeable.

On this site, Dr. Garelick attempts to separate fact from fiction, truths vs. myths that not only find themselves engulfed in water cooler conversations, but also among the tons of websites that just don’t give the correct information regarding medical and dental healthcare.

Yes, there are also websites that do give the proper information when it comes to searching for a medical/dental problem and subsequently, we intend to be one of those knowledge based sites as well, but with a little twist. Every now and then, we will provide articles about facts that you may not find on other websites, such as our article about Six Interesting Medical Facts You Will Enjoy Reading.

So relax and take a load off your feet and enjoy browsing Dr. Garelick’s website on the truths about medical and dental health care.

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