Health Issues Related To Aging

Elderly Health IssuesOur health tends to deteriorate with aging. Due to the natural changes that take place within our bodies during the aging process, the efficiency of our organs and systems decreases. This, when combined with a poor lifestyle and food choices, can lead to certain health related issues and diseases.

While there are some diseases for which scientists have not yet found the real causes, prevention or cure, the majority of health risks can be avoided and/or decreased by undertaking certain precautionary measures; such as, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle and taking proper care of your diet. Here we list of some common health related conditions of seniors and some measures for them to take in order to maintain a healthy life:

Cardiovascular issues

When we age, our heart rate naturally decreases a bit and our arteries and blood vessels also get a little stiff. This may become the cause of several cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

Cardiovascular diseases can be defined as diseases of heart and/or its blood vessels. These include coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke and arrhythmia. According to research, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease increases after 45 years of age.

Eating the right kind of food and staying active are the most important measures to maintain a healthy heart and prevent these cardiovascular diseases. According to nurses health study, the risk of developing CVD can be reduced up to 80% by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means eating a balanced diet, avoiding smoking or consuming too much alcohol or any other types of drugs and include exercise or any other physical activity in your daily routine, as well as stress management and getting enough quality sleep.


Arthritis is one of the most common health issues among seniors. It affects the quality of their life by decreasing and limiting their mobility. This may occur due to the natural aging process, which reduces the fluid in joints and damages the cartilage or it may occur due to old injuries.

Important measures for preventing arthritis include exercising regularly to stay physically active and maintaining your weight. Although arthritis limits your mobility, it is important that you stay physically active even if you are suffering from arthritis. Consult your doctor for developing a personalized activity plan to maintain your health.


Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that is very common among seniors. Although scientists have not yet found how this mental disease can be avoided, they advise that the elderly can improve their overall mental health by staying mentally active. According to doctors, staying mentally active is as important as staying physically active and playing mental games, like puzzles and Sudoku is an interesting way of doing it. Maintaining a healthy heart is also important for mental health.

Eye related issues

Eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataract, diabetic retinopathy and the general loss of eyesight are also common issues that come with increasing age. Eating foods that have antioxidant properties and essential vitamins may help in maintaining overall eye health. Smoking is considered as a contributor to macular degeneration.

To prevent any serious eye problem, schedule regular eye checkups, especially after 40, protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses whenever you go out and eat food that is good for your eyes

Bottom Line

Stay active don’t be a couch potato. Eat healthy foods, exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Exercise your mind and don’t smoke, take illegal drugs or drink too much.


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