Six Interesting Medical Facts You Will Enjoy Reading

Mother with ChildrenIt is interesting to note how little we know of our own body. From things that seem unbelievable to things we think are true, here are six interesting medical facts you will enjoy reading:

  • Fact #1: You have a Unique Tongue Print Just like Fingerprints

Yes, your tongue has a distinct pattern. Every human being has unique tongue prints that both help us perform various functions as well as are affected while we perform them. For instance, they help us in eating food, pushing it down, controlling our tongue when speaking, and much more.

With these functions and activities, our tongue also develops unique textures and ridges unlike other human beings. In the future, security experts may use the tongue as part of biometric scanning.

  • Fact # 2: Your Brain Works More Actively at Night than During the Day

to all night owls, here is an interesting fact for you. They say night has its own mystery that is why our brains are more active, creative and work faster at night than during the day. In addition to night’s mystery, you likely have fewer distractions at night, hence you can freely let your minds focus and ponder on specified tasks.

Night is definitely the best time to go about things creatively, because we are more mindful at night and great ideas can pop up in our minds during the dark. With that being said, we are sure all night owls out there, now have an authentic and better justification to stay up at night for studies or work?

  • Fact # 3: Female’s Heart Beats Faster Than Male’s Heart

A woman’s heart is different from a man’s. It beats faster. A man’s’ heart is larger than a female’s’ heart. An average adult male heart rate is from 70 to 72 beats per minute. On the contrary, a woman’s average adult heart rate is from 78 to 82 beats.

Also, due to a smaller heart, they have a smaller area for blood pumping with every beat. So ladies, next time you bump into your crush and your heart starts beating faster, it may be because of him, but actually it is just natural!

  • Fact # 4: Your Skin Also Sheds

Normally, we observe that our pets are a victim of skin shedding. But you will be amazed to know that it is not just them, you are also a victim. Our skin is the largest organ in our body; therefore it constantly flakes away, shedding 600,000 skin particles every hour. Needless to say, it is invisible to us, but an average person loses 105 pounds of skin as they age.

  • Fact #5: There are 30 to 40 Trillion Cells in Our Bodies

Each person has over 30,000,000,000,000 cells and according to one study, each human has 37.2 trillion cells. The majority of these cells consist of red blood cells. And although they comprise over 80 percent of our body in number, they total only around 4 percent of our total body mass. This is because red blood cells only measure on average 8 micrometers in diameter, which is 10 times smaller in diameter than an average human hair. Quite amazing when you think about it.

  • Fact # 6: Your Hair Color Determines Your Hair Density

Yes, you read that correctly, your hair color is one of the ways to determine your hair density. While there are different hair color and styles, blondes top the list. An average human being has 100,000 hair glands, capable of producing 20 individual hairs in a lifetime.

Coming on top of the list, the ones with blondes likely have 146,000 hair glands while the ones having brown hair are exactly as of the average range, 100,000 glands. People with red heads have about 86,000 glands and not to forget blackheads have good hair glands averaging 110,000.

We really hope you enjoyed reading these interesting medical facts. We have some more interesting information for you. Do come and check what more we have in our stores for you!