What Activities to Look For When Selecting a Nursing Home

Nursing HomeWhen you are looking for a nursing home for yourself or for a loved one, it is important to check their safety measures, hygiene standards, staff services and testimonials. And once you have shortlisted the final choices, you need to go for something beyond the comfort of living at the nursing home facility— leisure activities. These should be taken into consideration as much as the other factors mentioned.

It is important to not only look for a place that keeps you healthy and in good shape, but it is also important to look for a facility which helps with mental stimulation as well. Mental exercises help to strengthen and/or build new neurons in the brain, which subsequently helps to keep the brain healthy and stimulated.

Here are some of the basic activities which should be offered by a nursing home to its residents:

Exercise programs

Exercise programs and fitness options are a must have and this activity should not be ignored when browsing through nursing home options. Exercise regimen is not only good for the physical health but it is also an essential tool to ward off the traces of depression, which tend to occur with some patients during their stay at a nursing home.  

Religious Activities

Everyone has a right to practice the religion they follow in the manner which they are comfortable with; and that is a right which has to be freely exercised at any nursing home facility. It is important to look for nursing homes for your elderly loved ones where it is a common practice to hold religious events. These  activities should be encouraged in order to help them stay connected to their faith, which can keep them hopeful and calm.                  

Support Groups

Seniors often go through eccentric phases in their lives. Hence, many of them fail to comprehend what is actually going on with them. Some have addictions while others find it difficult to accept certain drastic changes in their lives. However, when people have the same or similar ailments at a nursing home facility, they can confide in one another through the help of the support group leader.


The cultivated minds of the elderly often crave for something which satiates their desire to express themselves in a manner which doesn’t require regular communication tools, and for that they may want to express themselves in art in one form or another. It is thus important to look for a nursing home which encourages the need for this hobby. To assist them engage in artistic exercises, the nursing home should offer hobbies such as craftwork, music, literature and photography.

Outdoor Activities

It is also important to engage the senior patients with healthy outdoor activities along with the indoor activities so that they can enjoy the atmosphere around, the world outside the cocoon of the home and within the limitations of the safety measures that are provided by the facility. Pick out a nursing home, which offers tours, trips to beaches, parks and other recreational facilities.   

It has to be kept in mind that these activities not only help the elderly stay connected with others around, but also induce a sense of competition thus resulting in a healthy atmosphere and life

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