Six Must-Haves for Seniors Living On Their Own

Senior citizen reviewing paperworkEveryone has the right to make their own choices. It is their lives after all and they can spend it however they want. Similarly, many older couples and individuals make the decision of spending the rest of their days in the comfort of their own homes, performing regular and routine tasks. While it always feels good to see seniors living their lives comfortably, knitting, mowing and just partaking in their hobbies, there are still a few things needed to ensure their safety and health.

Listed are some of the most important must-haves that every senior should have close by:

Group of Friends

No matter what age we are, isolation is never a good option. But, when we are seniors, we don’t even have some other things to keep us busy. Therefore, it becomes important for seniors to always have a group of friends and social activities at the ready. Friends not only make things more fun, but also give a sense of purpose, something to look forward to in their day to day activities.

All the Meds

It is important that seniors should always have their medications nearby and available. If they run out of medication at a time when they are not feeling well, then things can probably take a turn for the worse. To avoid a situation like this, a senior must always have extra medication with them.


Pets certainly make living easier. It is better to live with a pet than to live alone as it removes the feeling of being completely alone and helps the seniors to remain busy, or at least have some other living thing nearby. Besides, pet dogs can sense their owners’ depression or conditions, and helps in alerting the neighbors.

Motion-Sensor Lights

As we age, our bones get weaker along with our sense of coordination. That is the reason why many seniors suffer from accidents that involve falling or hurting themselves. When living alone, there’s a high chance of seniors hurting themselves in the dark. It would be smart to install motion sensor lights in every room and at the entryway. These motion-sensing lights also help in keeping the thugs away.

Senior-Friendly Technology

Good thing we live in a high-tech century where technology can connect us with people just by speaking a word out loud. Other technologies include a Mobile Alert System, GPS footwear, pill dispensers and mobile phones that can not only help seniors connect with the outside world easily, but will also allow the loved ones to keep a check on their elders by tracking or contacting them.

Someone to check on regularly

Seniors living alone must have someone to check on them regularly. Whether it is a neighbor, a nurse or a relative, it will not only help friends and family to ensure that their seniors are safe and sound. It will also give the elders a sense of security that someone is there to take care of them.

As long as seniors have all the things mentioned above, they can live their life peacefully and in the way they want.

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