Three Ways to Handle Seniors When They Refuse to Take Medicines

What do you think are the main factors due to which elderly people refuse to take medicines? Don’t they want to become hale and hearty again? Of course they do! However, seniors still resist taking their medicines and there can be different reasons for it.

Read on to find out not only the reasons but the solutions as well!

Medicines have a bad taste

Yes, they surely do! Taste is definitely one of the prime reasons that elderly people refuse to take their medicines. Moreover, seniors become so vulnerable with their increasing age that you can’t even force them to have the medicines by any means. So, what is the solution? Treat your elderly loved ones as you treat your kids! No, really because seniors are no less than children are! Kids also refuse to take medicines when they are ill because they don’t like the taste.

You mix the medicine in their food and they take the medicine without even knowing about it. This is exactly what you have to do with your seniors as well! Ask their doctor whether they can take the medicines with food or not. If the doctor allows you to do that, then mix the medicine in their food. The delicious food will overpower the bitter taste and they will swallow the medicine without any hassle.

Elderly people often forget to take medication

What could be the reason if your elderly loved ones are fine with the taste of the medicines but still don’t take the medication on time? Forgetting is the reason! If seniors are taking care of their medication on their own and forgetting to have their medicines regularly, then it can turn into a serious problem! Forgetting things is an issue every senior goes through and it’s certainly not easy to keep track of the medicines, especially when they need to take them twice or thrice a day.

However, there are a few methods which can help the seniors take their medicines on a daily basis without forgetting it. You can provide your seniors with pill organizers, medication management devices or medication checklists. In addition to this, you can also set reminders for them such as a to-do list or cell phone alarm.

Don’t overlook the side effects of medication

Have you ever thought that your senior loved one is refusing to take the medicines because they might be afraid of the side effects of the medicines? Yes, medicines are for our betterment but they do have some side effects! The side effects may be severe or mild, depending on the nature of the medicine. However, some of the side effects, like lethargy or an upset stomach, are quite predictable!

Therefore, it’s better to know how your loved one feels about the side effects instead of just forcing them to take the medicines. If the medicines are continuously effecting their health in a negative way, then you must consult their doctor and ask if there are any alternate medicines for them or take suggestions to ease the side effects.

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