Why Has the Measles Virus Returned?

The measles virus was declared ‘eliminated’ in the in year 2000 in the United States. With that said, it has now re-appeared in California, specifically Disneyland, where 78 cases have been detected so far.

Why is measles coming back? Let’s look at a little history. Most baby boomers born in the US will most likely not be infected by the disease. This is because people who were born before 1957 were most likely exposed and therefore will not contact the disease. The CDC  has said there’s a 95% to 98% chance that those born before 1957 are immune to measles. So, seniors need not be concerned.
However, children who have not been vaccinated are vulnerable. In the US, parents must show proof that their children were vaccinated before entering the public school system, but recently, people who have religious beliefs that don’t allow their children to get vaccinated, as well as those who have come here from other stand a much higher chance of coming down with the disease.
This also appears to be indicative of the growing sentiment against vaccines, however frivolous they these concerns may be.

Per a New York Times report, “parents at the heart of America’s anti-vaccine movement are being blamed for incubating an otherwise preventable public-health crisis,”. The anti-vax movement has been gaining steam, “Anti-vaxxers have been relentless in the efforts to spread misinformation. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines are beneficial, they endlessly repeat a variety false claims,” stated forbes.In California,  anti-vaccine parents “largely defended their choice to raise their children on natural foods, essential oils and no vaccinations.”In response to the controversy surrounding the Disneyland measles outbreak, White House spokesman Josh Earnest “said Friday that decisions about vaccinations should be left to parents, but the science on vaccinations ‘is really clear,’” The Hill reports that “Earnest said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was closely monitoring the situation, and suggested those showing symptoms should avoid public spaces.”President Obama recently quoting ‘indisputable’ science to ‘Get your kids vaccinated’.  A logical statement, since many thousands of children and adults stand to become infected from this contagious disease.

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